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Ireland Tourism Centre  - “Your Partner in America”

The mission of the Ireland Tourism Centre is to represent Irish tourism businesses and organizations to consumers and the travel trade in the New England market of the USA.

New England map The New England market has many advantages for Irish tourism businesses:

  • Proximity: Air-travel time from New England to Ireland is shorter than that from any other region of the United States.
  • Easy Access: Five airlines departing from three New England and New York airports provide 90 direct flights per week to the Island of Ireland.
  • Dense Population: Although comprising only 4.6% of the land area of the United States, New England is home to more than 17 million people.
  • High Income: Three of the six New England states are in the top ten of the 50 US states for household income.
  • Irish Heritage: Approximately four million New Englanders - 24% of the population - claim Irish heritage, more than twice the national average.
  • Demonstrated Preference for Ireland as a Destination: Although New Englanders make up only 5% of the US population and 6% of its outbound overseas travellers, they make up 12% of the US visitors to Ireland.
  • Reachability by the Internet: Internet penetration in New England is the highest of any US region with the sole exception of the Pacific Northwest, which is 5,000 kilometres farther away from Ireland.

(You can follow this link to see more information on New England and its tourism market.)

We are a New England firm specialising in the Internet marketing of international tourism.

Our research-based marketing programmes will increase the visibility and awareness of your tourism products in the New England market, bringing you more and larger sales and margins.

To learn how we can develop a tailored New England representation programme to meet your specific needs and deliver the new and repeat business you want, please send us an e-mail.

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